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Let's see

The incident occurred at a place described as an "illegal outlet" for the sale of alcohol. The owner had been previously cited for selling alcohol illegally. It was well known as a place for parties and large gatherings. His Mother and 2 sisters were there at 4:00 AM with him when the incident occurred. I return to my original post. What responsible parent would be out at 4:00 AM, with her children -- at least one of whom is still in high school -- at a place well known for selling alcohol illegally? This is the same place well known for "parties and large gatherings". Responsibility begins at home. Responsible parents do not allow their high school children at a place "well known" for selling alcohol illegally and as a place well known for "parties and large gatherings." Responsible parents do not have their high school children out at 4:00 AM. But, when a parent participates by being there, how is the child to know this is not rational or responsible behavior? If either sister is under the age of 18, let us hope Social Services is already on its way to the victim's home. If the Mother is interviewed, on any future date, let us hope the media has the fortitude and backbone to ask her what she was doing with her high school son out at 4:00 AM at such a place. Let's also hope the Police Chief and District Attorney take whatever steps are required to close up a place well known for selling illegal alcohol and being a place for parties and large gatherings. More likely though, some attorney has already met with the Mother to address how legal actions can be started to garner the insurance funds available for her distress and her son's injuries. After all the owner of the property on Brooks Street has insurance in all liklihood. And had he not allowed parties and large gatherings to take place at his or her property, then the young man would not have been shot. And had the place not been previously cited for selling illegal alcohol, everyone would have been in full control of their senses. Right?? And too, if the town had taken the firm steps needed to shut down this place previously cited for selling illegal alcohol and being well known as a place of parties and large gatherings, then the young man would not have been taken there by his Mother and 2 sisters. I can see this playing out in court. So many opportunities for an attorney to bring actions on behalf of the parent and injured young man. I forgot the sisters. They probably have some type of "Post shooting" trauma which is open for litigation. I forgot the young man who was shot and killed. Probably some grounds there for action against the town. After all, did the Police properly and diligently investigate prior to shooting? Let's see, you have the property owner as well as the Town and the District Attorney's office. We can assume the Town and the District Attorney have some Liability Insurance available in the event of lawsuit. And, the "injured parties" have 2 years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. So many opportunities for lawsuits. Visions of sugar plums are probably dancing in several attorney's dreams. Unfortunately, the court will probably not look at parental responsibility.


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