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Fire @ Martha's Lounge

Personally, it is hard to beleive that the fire would have been started in the kitchen, do to faulty equipment. From the looks of the fire, from the pictures, the time of the call reported, "I would have to say this fire was self ignited". This fire was started, "had to be". We can rule out GAS, or Natural Gas, there wouldn't be any building left, more less a block. It takes a fire roughly an hour, in a building such as that one, to get through the roof, the way that one did, in such an empty space. Keep in mind, ok, let's add carpet, curtains, ceiling still, it takes time, unless Gas was involved. Even an electrical fire, would not have ignited such a blaze. Another thing, the time of the call reporting the fire, why 3:15? Bar closes at 2:00a.m., that's an hour and a hlf difference, give or take cleaning up, ok, so your out by 2:30a.m., at the latest. If the bar closes, before the time of there advertisement, "that's against the law". It's kind of obvious to see a fire of this magnitude, before 3:15a.m., that tells me the fire hadn't broke through until around that time, and it probably took some time to make the call, or to calm down. Therefore the fire had been burning for quite sometime, now. A Gas explosion, or Kitchen related fire, such as an electrical fire, will show up after the blaze, and coloration of fire is different, not to mention smell. Also, much larger fire. I am ruling trash can ignited, (cigarette butt), paper blown to the pilot light, (then again that goes back to gas), or something left on and a draft sent a spark to something else. Like I said, the fire had to be going for a while, way before 3:15a.m. These are my opinions, and the right of a US Citizen, these are not facts, just a voice, of Freedom of Speech. God Bless our troops, and The United States of America....


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