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Who asked my opinion?

"Who asked for your opinion? Nobody wanted YOUR reasons on this." ; "you are one of the reasons our world is like it is, always thinking the worst." 1. My opinion was invited by the forum, FYI! 2. I don't think I have anything to do with the world being screwed up, "if that is how you feel, than back at you'. For whatever that means... 3. What right is it of yours to ask me what my rights are? Contradicting, eh? 4. Yes, I feel sorry for the employess, a few of them. 5. For all the idiots who can't read: "These are my opinions, and the right of a US Citizen, these are not facts, just a voice, of Freedom of Speech. God Bless our troops, and The United States of America...." ("I beleive those were my words") 6. Meaning that is my right, of opinion, or have you forgotton what your Country is all about?? I question that?? Understanding, that Freedom means many things within the USA, which "is why other countries hate us"! 7. For all of those low IQ's who commented on anything that I posted, shame on you, "for allowing me to dig deeper"....I said what I said, and I will say it again. 8. I used to work in the dang place, so I have a little more info', about what I am stating than you have to offer. 9. It is my beleif and I am not changing my opinion, (sorry for the employee's), but "YES, I FEEL IT WAS SELF IGNITED, OR, IF YOU WOULD HAVE READ A LITTLE BETTER":...... ("I am ruling trash can ignited, (cigarette butt), paper blown to the pilot light,something left on and a draft sent a spark to something else.") 10. You would have realized that all probable causes were in my statement, which I was also getting my news from, early news, and nearby neighbors from the blaze...Not to mention the fact that, "even the original article that on the fire stories changed"....1st it was 3:15, then 3:30....Also, was the fact that the original cause was started in the Kitchen, "now it's the dining room". Now, the Fire Dept., is saying it's accidental, either opinion, is becoming more the truth after all. Definition of Self Ignited: "any fire caused by human, or mechanism causing a spark". "related to self igniting.: what causes a match to ignite what temperature does paper ignite can matches self ignite at what temperature will gas ignite can a cigarette ignite gas ignite inc ignite lyrics ignite electricity ignite electric lava ignite ignite magazine fat ignite All cases of explosive catagories!! As far as the hours of operation is concerned, "I am admitting I was wrong about that one"...Please accept my apology!! I was going by what someone else had stated, and I should have researched that one a little better..."Shame on me". lol 11. I will say this, "this is fact". Not too long ago, HB Spokes in Myrtle Beach SC, burned down, "the fire was set", "insurance refused to pay"....Hopefully, Donna & David will not run into a problem where that is concerned.


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