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you even an American? Do you even KNOW or have you even READ the Second Amendment? Do you know what it is even THERE FOR? Let me educate you since education is OBVIOUSLY not your strong suite in life. Our forefathers, you know the ones who started this whole freedom thing, felt it NECESSARY to include the right to keep and bear arms to the PEOPLE. WHY? You might ask. The reason is VERY SIMPLE, so simple someone like YOU might even be able to understand it, since that IS how the Constitution was written. The reason is that our forefathers felt the people needed to always keep the upper hand on the government. The only TRUE way to do that was not thru democratic elections, not thru representation, but by giving the people the ability to rise up against their government to ensure freedom always lived in this great nation. The right to keep an bare arms is there so YOU and I can ensure ourselves freedom no matter what happens in the halls of government. Those guns aren't for HOME protection, they aren't for HUNTING. They are for protecting US against THEM. So when you say something so STUPID, ask yourself this...if the government went total NUTZO tomorrow...WHAT weapons would WE the PEOPLE need to defend ourselves from it? Let me include the Second Amendment for you to read over.... "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." me simple but you should be VERY afraid when a government plans to put restrictions on gun ownership of ANY KIND...when the CONSTITUTION PLAINLY STATES....SHALL....NOT....BE....INFRINGED....PERIOD! If you think it is OK for our government to attack this part of our Constitution...then don't cry out in agony when they start stripping out OTHER parts...The SECOND REVOLUTION is coming...some of us are prepared...some are not...some will do what they always do...ROLL OVER...I happen to NOT be one to roll over for my freedoms...I happen to know the price that was and has to be paid to keep them...the silent MAJORITY has been stirred...and I have a feeling you will be hearing from us a little more often as we are TIRED of being ignored!


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