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Zippy, please answer this question

For most of my adult life I had at my disposal an M-4 carbine and/or an MP-5 submachine gun. I carried a 9mm with a fifteen round magazine. Now, which weapons do you think I would be most familiar with, most confortable with, and most profficient with? Why should I be denied the right to equip myself with the weapons I can best use? Clinton's "assault weapons ban" was a load of nonsense. They outlawed the AR-15 because it had a detachable magazine, black plastic stock, and pistol grip. Meanwhile, the FUNCTIONALLY IDENTICAL Ruger Mini-14 was legal. (Surprise, surprise! It was manufactured in the home state of a key Democratic Senator!) At the time of it's passage, assault weapons were used in less than one percent of all crimes. They restricted magazine capacity to ten rounds. The difference between firing thirty rounds from one magazine and thirty rounds from three magazines is about two seconds time. Unless you have dealt with firearms extensively, you cannot know the technical realities and dangers Obama and the Democrats represent. Their proposals sound so simple...but they mask a far bigger plan. Look at S.397 which he voted for in 2005. It would have outlawed any handgun round that could penetrate a Kevlar vest. Sounds very noble, right? Unfortunately, several manufacturers make single shot pistols for hunting that are chambered for rifle rounds, immediately qualifying them as "handgun rounds," and effectively banning all centerfire rifle ammunition in the country. The simple fact is that anyone willing to face the judicial consequences of robbing, raping, or killing you is not going to be disuaded by a gun control law that naturally carries a lesser penalty. The only people who obey gun control laws are those who obey the law. What in the world is the purpose and value of disarming law-abiding citizens? Oh, if you want a link to his view on concealed waepons, try this one:


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