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"I agree with the assault weapons thing, we do not need those in our homes." Would YOU need an assault weapon to defend your country from both foreign and domestic intruders? Could you defend yourself against the government, and don't say that our government isn't capable of attacking our freedoms MORE than they have since 9/11. We are spiraling OUT OF CONTROL! "while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn't have them""making guns in this country childproof." since we are SO GOOD at making CRIMINALS follow our laws...I guess that will work. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS!! THAT is what makes them CRIMINALS! SO why do LAW ABIDING CITIZENS get laws passed on them....CONTROL that is the only reason! MAKING GUNS CHILDPROOF? YOUR KIDDING RIGHT? MORE CHILDREN DIE FROM CAR ACCIDENTS and a MULTITUDE of other things...the TOP FIVE Causes for death in this country are AUTOMOBILES Poisoning Falls Choking DROWNING This whole gun thing is about CONTROL because it sure isn't about the CHILDREN...that just makes it sound nice...if you say it's for the CHILDREN...then you are supposed to roll over and let them walk over you. The whole CHILDPROOF statement is just STUPID and anyone that falls for something like that is also not very savvy. IN addition, the Democrats like to link the Second to HUNTING or SPORT SHOOTING...people that don't know what the Second is for take it hook, line and sinker....the Second has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THOSE THINGS as it was written in the Constitution...its SOLE PURPOSE is to ensure the PEOPLE have the power against their government. You know what...this country DESERVES to fail, fall into depression and be taken over by the Chinese, Russians or Arabs...WE DESERVE IT..because we have forgotten EVERYTHING about ourselves. We are willing to just GIVE IT AWAY when it took THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of lives to get it!...IT happens to be going away in this country and we are all just watching it sent down the river...


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