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Are you being serious? "Every two years more Americans die from firearm injuries than the total number of American soldiers killed during the 8-year Vietnam War." I don't really CARE that criminals are killing themselves...that doesn't concern me ONE BIT. Your numbers are SKEWED my friend. They are just a number meant to get a knee jerk response. How many die from AUTOMOBILES, baseball bats or knives...guess we need MORE regulations on that evil baseball bat huh? Here are some more numbers from 2007 Fatal firearms accidents age 0-5...17 Fatal firearms accidents age 5-14...121 Fatal firearms accidents age 15-24...401 WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT THIS? These numbers are basically ZERO when put as a percentage of the US population...Your numbers include ALL DEATHS...murders are at 14,000 and THOSE are the individuals that don't really CARE we have a law against this or that type of gun! LET ME SAY IT AGAIN...GUN LAWS WILL DO NOTHING...NOTHING...nothing at all but allow the government MORE CONTROL over LAW ABIDING CITIZENS...during the assault weapons you actually THINK that a CRIMINAL had a problem getting even a AUTOMATIC weapon? You guys deserve to be preyed on by these guys...your just TOO NAIVE!


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