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The recipe for tyranny

Here's Obama's recipe for disarming America. Start with baby steps, such as banning "semi-automatic assault weapons." Why would a hunter object to that? (He will, if he realizes that there is no functional difference between and AK-47 and his Remington 742 which will be added as the list expands.) Go for "common sense" gun control, such as banning concealed weapons. Now, when you ask how that would be common sense, how the feds can overturn thirty-eight state laws with no constitutional authority to do so, or point out that crime rates against persons have dropped in those states, stand by for the ol' "brotherhood of man, we need a less violent society" lecture. They'll cherry-pick a few stories from the very few cases of licensed people committing crimes, but ignore the thousands of cases every year where a person defended their life. Use vague, technologically impossible terms such as "child-proofing guns" or "ballistic fingerprinting" to basically outlaw any firearm that can't meet these ridiculous goals. Redefine everything. A bolt action, scoped rifle is no longer a hunting rifle. As Senator Charles Schumer pointed out a few years ago, it's a "SNIPER rifle!" Make them unaffordable. As we can see from Obama's voting record, he likes the idea of a 500% excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Here's your worst case scenario - use the U.N. If you read the Constitution and review federal case law, you will note that a treaty with a foreign power carries a weight equal to a constitutional amendment. Fow the last twelve years or so, a treaty designed to restrict firearms has been floating around the U.N. If Obama and his Democratically controlled Senate sign onto this SALW treaty, they can incorporate any restrictions they want to to prevent the illegal transfer of weapons. That could mean registration...or it could mean that you have to store your own weapons at a centralized, "secure" armory that the government will maintain. For those of you who say that Obama will not do any of these things, remember this: The same old gang that has fought so hard to disarm law abiding Americans is still there. Diane Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, et al. Do you remember Feinstein sitting on Sixty Minutes saying, "If I could have gotten the votes for an outright ban - Mr. and Mrs. America turn them in, I would have done it in a minute." Guess what? She may now have the votes.


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