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Review your military history

As the Russians learned in Poland and Hungary, and we learned in Baghdad, tanks operating against irregular forces in an urban environment are destroyed quickly when they are not supported with an adequate infantry force and are restricted in their movement by the environment itself. No armor commander enters a city without fear and trepidation. He knows that tanks in cities are at a big disadvantage. Without unrestricted movement, tanks become very slow, very large targets more similar to fixed fortifications than battle tanks. There was an incident in the '56 Revolution where Hungarian patriots trapped and destroyed three Soviet T-54 tanks by using explosives to collapse the surrounding buildings onto the tanks. (After the tanks were trapped in the rubble,they used gasoline to roast the Russian crews in their steel coffins.) So you use the "assault weapon" to take out the supporting infantry and then engage the tank with Molotov cocktails, tank traps, improvised or conventional explosives, and the anti-tank weapons you take off the bodies of the dead infantry. Let's just hope we never see that in America. As long as the left-wing loons don't go crazy with CHANGE, we likely won't. Also, don't sell the military short. Just as the French troops turned and fired on the Bastille, you could well see American forces turn and start heading to Washington.


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