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A few years ago, somone

A few years ago, somone stole my wallet, went crazy with my ATM card, I filed a police report and went to the bank to report it, and within a week, I had all of my money back, and the bank said it was up to the stores to prosecute and take the loss if they could not find the people as you are required by law to ask for a picture id if someone presents a credit or debit card to you at your business. If you don't require the id and the card is stolen, then the loss is on the business. I had not realized my card was gone and when the thieves hit the seventh stop in about two hours, the card processors denied the card and instructed the store to pull it. There is no way that someone pulled $12,000 out of this bank account at atm machines without one of them eating the card over a three or four day period. You simply cannot withdraw that much in that short of time. If someone got the money, they would have had to go in the bank and present id, or else if they had the card, they purchased something that cost that much, and no business in their right mind would accept a card for that amount without id. Something does not sound right, but the FDIC might get involved if the bank will not do anything. I wonder if this was a checking account? The bank should have been advising them to put a chunk of this into a savings account to draw interest.


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