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10 weeks ago, I was singing praises about BOA also, in fact, we still think highly of the BOA employees at our local bank. It was stated in our interview, that the corporate personnel of BOA should come down to our local branch and take classes in customer services, but I guess for time purposes that this part of the interview was edited. I have nothing but the highest praises for the employees of our local branch, they have bent over backwards to help us get this resolved. As far as the money being gambled away, or removed by us, it didn't happen. The bank keeps excellent records & have the exact date, time down to the second when these transactions occured. We were told by the fraud department that the transactions had been traced to a corporation in California that already had our account number due to the fact we have an account there and authorize $8.95 per month via auto draft, this is a far cry from the $12,000 that is missing. I have asked BOA for a copy of the report that they conducted, but was told by a BOA fraud Dept. employee, that it is against their policy to give out that information. I have filled out a complaint with the FBI for bank fraud, I can assure everyone, had my wife or myself had anything to do with this money missing, I would never have involved the FBI, due to the fact that if they discover we have filled out a false report, then we are subject to prosecution for filling a false report. This entire thing has been a major nightmare for both myself and my wife and I do not wish these type of problems for anyone. Keep watching, soon you will read a follow up where BOA has returned our money and an arrest has been made in the case. Until that time, please keep an open mind about the complaint.


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