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How this happened

WoW! I'm so thankful for the information on what happened. Now any considerations I had of doing business with BOA is canceled. The same thing could happen to any of us who deals with BOA. They are responsible for taking care of your problem. And I for one believe in what the good book says, "you shall reap what you sew". If people do you wrong and refuse to do right by you then at some time in their lives the same will happen to them. What goes around will come around again. They could loose a lot of business behind this and have to shut that branch down. Who knows? There are a lot of people who read the news. And I'm sure they all have read your article. I hope and pray that you get all of your money back. It was yours and you have a right to it. No one should take what is not theirs. People work hard for their money. And in todays economy we need it to survive. BOA should show some remorse and do the right thing. Give them their money back! The media has put the eyes of America on you. Do the right thing. Give it back.


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