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First & foremost; for a grown person to place their hands on a child that doesn't belong to them in this time is nonsense.I know this young man personally; and one thing is definate this kid IS an honest kid.Back along time ago , teachers were given the right to spank your child at school. That is before an abuse ( not assault )case came up on a teacher.No one wants to address the Real issue as to why teachers, administrators & students are losing their minds in schools . The real issue is the word GOD being taken out of everyday lives. Before this ; you rarely heard of situations like this. GOD is the reason for all the world. Once you take your eyes off him , you have a world like this where teachers paitence is so short that they strike at innocent children and lie about it , and they call themselves christian; go figure. The fact remains is that without God in any aspect of your lives you end up with people taking and interpeting the rules to fit their own lifestyles. And you can quote me on this.


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