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First of all I work with the school system, and I have had 2 kids that have been in Mrs. West's class over the last 10 years, and both of my kids have loved this women, they have always said good things about her and they loved going to her class. I have known this lady evry since I was a student at Evergreen myself and she was one of the nicest teachers there, and she takes alot of time with your child if they need extra help and will go out of her way to give them that extra help. So before you start saying what people ought to do start looking at the facts and then decide. I have seen students get up in teacher's faces and yell and then want to blame the teacher when they get home, and the parent come to school ready to crucify that teacher until they actually find out the whole story when they get to the school, and then they are the ones that look stuip because they believe what there child says before that get the whole story. I have always told my kids that if you have a problem let me know about it, but then I get the whole story before I accuse anyone of anything. KIDS SOMETIMES DO LIE TO COVER THERE OWN A----. Hang in there Mrs. West you do have alot of support from alot of parents, and don't let these few parents that are bad mouthing you make you leave, because there are alot of students that will miss having the chance to get to know you.


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