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Changing lanes then hit an

Changing lanes then hit an 18 wheeler? Who in their right mind couldn't have seen an 18 wheeler unless they just weren't looking, or cared who was in the next lane. As many times as I've crossed that bridge (coming or going) people fly across that bridge like there's no tomorrow. In this case....there is no tomorrow for the poor woman killed. When is our Police Dept. going to wake up and do something about traffic conditions around here when it comes to safety???? You hear at times people say after they've seen 4 or 5 police cars gathered on (i.e.) Market St. on an afternoon..."WOW...the police were everywhere today!". At times when I see a police officer patrolling traffic...or just getting to downtown speeding...I want to take a photograph of the situation to prove to myself there are police here! Embed into people's minds that the police are lurking the streets, maybe it'll have a positive effect on safety on the roads here!!


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