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former student/graduate

First, let me say, yes I am a graduate of Wilmington Christian Academy and am very pleased with the academic education I received there. I loved my years there and will always have fond memories! HOWEVER, while the quality of the education was excellent, the school did not prepare us for the outside world. We lived sheltered lives. We were led to believe it would be one way and many faced a harsh wake up call following graduation. Some of you will say 'well, that is your experience'. I can assure you, I have spoken to many of my former classmates who feel the same way I do. I love WCA and always will. But it is not the same school I attended. Yes my parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot for my education and the education of my siblings; however, the school is not the same. It does not have the same focus as it did when I was a student there. I know this because I had my children there at one point. I was happy with the education my children received but always felt the school was more interested in the financial aspect of things. I know it costs money to run a school but, especially, a private one. But the monetary requirements were outrageous. We could only purchase uniforms from ONE store and all clothing had to have a logo. By the time I was done shopping for 2 children I had spent over $250 and that was enough for them to have a full weeks worth of uniforms and did not include winter clothing. We did not have the option public school students did of purchasing the uniforms from a variety of places. This year, I spent under $200 for the same type of clothing and this time it was for 3 children! It saddens to me to know that the school is not the same. It has lost focus somewhere along the way. Children and families are no longer the focus or priority. The bottom line is. And yes I can afford to send my children there, I just choose not to any longer! Private school is great, I have no problem with it but don't put it on a pedestal, because it will get knocked down eventually.


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