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My intent is not to praise WCA

Rather, it is to stress that the public school systems in this nation are severely misguided in their goal, and are more concerned with political correctness and trying to "level the playing field" than in educating the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. When you cut back on history, civics, music, phys ed, and even rudimentary economics, you have to wonder exactly where their priorities are. We are raising a nation of obese young people who can't run around the block and think that Obama "kicked George Bush out of office." We are led by politicians who can't pass basic tests on civics and economics. So let me be blunt: I WANT the best, the brightest, the richest, the snobbiest leading us. I want Milburn Drysdale running the bank, not Jethro Bodine. Competence is far more important tha trying to impose some nebulous idea of fairness that we will never attain.


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