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...but that raises a question...

Are TOO MANY coming here? Are we not killing the goose that lays the golden eggs by allowing unrestricted development? We're slowly creating Levittown South, and starting to see remarkable similarities to the megalopolis nightmare many recent arrivals fled. When you're stopped dead in traffic, does it really matter if it's on the BQE or Market Street? Is there any difference between the looney idea to tax motor vehicle owners to pay for the MTA up in New York, and Nancy Pritchett's proposal to do the exact same thing to fund WAVE? Let's be blunt: Is the Wilmington area still an area that is worth moving to, or is it already too crowded? Do we really want the entire population of Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties (or even Mecklenburg and Wake) to move here? There HAS to be some kind of compromise between the "come one, come all" attitude and Draconian restrictions on private property and individual rights. The three counties need to stop rubber-stamping every single development and start rejecting those that overload an already overloaded infrastructure even further. Even better, start making the devlopers pay to improve the infrastructure. For example, if there was a special assessment for every new home in the Leland/Belville area and down NC 133, it could have gone into a pool to fund a new bridge across the Cape Fear. Sure - it would have been passed onto the home buyers, but if you take a look at the traffic trying to get onto the Memorial Bridge every morning now, five or ten thousand dollars amortized over thirty years would likely be a bearable alternative. Sure - it's not simple. Multiple counties are involved, not to mention the Knights Templar of bureaucratic confusion, NC DOT. But if we don't get a handle on growth NOW, this place is going to be far worse than anything ever seen in Levittown.


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