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Yes, I live in a house and it is paid for...

Yes, I live in a house and it is paid for. I am one of the lucky one who years ago decided a house was more important than a new car or $100 snickers. I am tired of hearing about all the new jobs.. What jobs? Minimum wage jobs maybe, but nothing to write how about. Tell me the last time a company came to town paying 50k+ a year. That is right, there has been none. So, you have people that make money off retirees that have worked union jobs up north. They are able to retire after 20 years and move south and live in comfort. I have a friend that is a retire police officer who retire at the age of 45 with a pension of 85K a year. What job in Wilmington offers that? AS far as the comment “maybe you should have attended and bettered yourself instead of downing others for doing so”, I’m sorry I must have overlooked that invitation. However, I was not in town. To make a decent living and support my family, I have to travel with my job. So, again I will say it is the rich looking to get richer who were at the meeting.


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