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Q:"How would the Government

Q:"How would the Government make money from insurance companies who deny coverage?" A: The Pharmaceutical Companies! If you've not watched this movie...please do. Moore films eye opener documentaries that so many people just won't accept when the truth is revealed. If you watch Sicko...take note of the monies handed out to Senators, and yes...even President George Bush for a whopping $800,000 + by the pharmaceutical companies to help keep the denials intact by insurance companies. Take note of individuals that were denied coverage for cancer treatment due to some lame excuse by the insurance companies such as (i.e.) a pre existing yeast infection(???) that had nothing to do with her claim for treatment coverage. It goes on and the ones taken to Cuba by boat by Moore for free treatment with their sickness. It goes on and on and it's sad our country is in it for the dollar only, when peoples lives are at stake. Watch it...then comment back as to what you saw on screen, and if it was a lie, or the simple truth.


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