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thank you! whinning children

I am so glad that someone spoke up! If you did not submit your name then don't complain. Those who rose to the top ALL were VERY involved in this city and have served well. Margaret Haynes has been BOE chairperson and believe me that was no easy job. I may not have agreed with that woman on a lot of her decisions, but she worked her tail off for all of us for a fair election. Mark Saunier spends countless hours a week reviewing materials for planning and for our city's development on the planning commission as well as a charities and other good works. Deb Quaranta has been the chair of HEO and the Vice Chair of WHA during one of the worst times in its history and has be a part of helping it turn a corner for families in need. EVERY one of these folks are human and can be criticized, but each of them have shown up and stood up for their community and have been about its betterment! Ask yourself, have you? The loudest complainers did not show up..where was Curtis Wright, the ridiculous members of that Americans for (no) Prosperity, that insipid little man, Mr. Wrage (pun and attitude in a name), and all the other nay sayres...Oh, they assumed they would not be heard...but rather hid in the ether of the raido and behind signs on the street corners rahter than to be a part of the solution and to work together to make difference. I say, thank god for all those that came forward to make a difference and thank god for the city council and their wisdom! I hope they pick Maraget Haynes, but whomever they pick, they will have chosen the person who was willing to be more than a whinner, but who will be about this community!


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