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Time to view Wilmington as the enemy

They're starting again, and if you live in any incorporated area of the county, you need to be concerned. The Middle Sound area is now an affluent enough area that the city's last impediment to annexing the Porter's Neck area has been removed....and you KNOW they want Porter's Neck and Figure Eight! Murrayville? Soon. Myrtle Grove? Next. The only way this abuse of power will be put to an end is to get rid of those city council members who support annexation, and since you can't vote in the city, you must FORCE the city residents to vote people like Laura Padgett OUT. Do not spend a dime in the city of Wilmington. Boycott the city entirely. Shop in unincorporated areas. Shop on the Internet. Dine at a restaurant that's in an unincoroporated area or down at the beach. Instead of going to the movies, rent a video or watch TV. If you work in the city, bring your lunch. Above all, make it well known why you are boycotting a merchant. Let the world know. Boycott Wilmington and let them know why. Will the innocent be punished? That depends upon your view - the voters of Wilmington have chosen the city council that wants to take your money while giving you nothing more than what you already have. How innocent is that? The people bear responsibility for the leadership they choose. Hit people in their wallets (just as they want to do to you) and they'll get the point. When a businessman sees his income drop by thirty percent, he'll be telling the city council to knock off the forced annexation. He'll be voting to throw the annexation crowd out. When sales tax revenues tank, it will get every politician's attention. We can yak, gripe, and complain until the cows come home - until we start taking hard, inconvenient action, nothing will stop these power mad thieves.


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