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Let me drop some knowledge

Let me drop some knowledge on you. First, I would imagine that this value is inflated as usual. I haven't seen any of the charges they are facing, however the majority of the time these numbers reflect an amount and operation far beyond the actual scope of the crime. As far as snitching - well that’s a complex topic. To simplify, calling the police when you see suspicious activity as a law abiding citizen is not the snitching, it’s just being a concerned citizen. Snitching as described by rappers and the "street culture" is when a criminal gives police information about the activities of other criminals in exchange for leniency in sentencing or, in some cases, monetary gain. The latter can be very, very lucrative if said criminal plays his cards right. What is unfortunate is that usually the bigger the criminal the more he/she has to offer which gives them greater leverage; the result can be and often is the major players cooperate and receive sentences years below the norm while uncooperative small timers get the max. Finally, I would like for all of the posters advocating harsh punishment for drug dealers to consider something. I have been an up close observer of the drug game for many years, not to brag but establish credibility. I presume that said posters are the middle class family type. Well I would like everyone here to know that I see nearly as many white kids selling drugs as young black men who are called monsters. In fact, I personally have known of kids from VERY prominent families in this community to be involved in drug dealing. Kids from the Forest Hills/Country Club neighborhood, Landfallers, Wrightsville Beach, and every suburban area in between, not nickel and diming either. While the motivations may be different, i.e. the former trying to, at least initially, escape poverty while the latter usually gets involved to build reputation or to support a growing habit, the principle is the same. It’s funny because the families I refer to do no see this as a double standard whatsoever. A white kid from an affluent family can get arrested for trafficking, get low bail and be out in an hour, make one or two court appearances and then, with the help of one of a few select local attorneys, see the charge reduced or outright dismissed. On the other hand kids from less fortunate families may be arrested for an insignificant amount, be held under high bond until trial, and then choose to plead guilty for fear of being given numerous consecutive sentences. That’s not exactly justice in my book, but it’s the norm here in New Hanover county courts. This is just a brief insight into the local drug game, with universal principles. Just think about it. END MANDATORY MINIMUMS and let the punishment fit the crime. That is all.


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