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Some knowledge back at you

Nice blog, inthemix ... a couple of corrections though, EVERYBODY that deals drugs, does it for the money, yes even those white middle class kids your talking about. Hey, Guest123456 .. just because something is illegal doesn't mean it should be. Back when prohibition was the law of the land, many, many, people broke that law and drank anyway ... it's called civil disobedience. The fact that government has declared that drugs are bad and people that use or sell them are bad, does not make it true. In fact, if drugs were legal, there would not be a black market for them, so there would not be so much easy money to be made. Al Capone and other gangsters of the prohibition era made millions because of this simple truth. I used to think that the government didn't learn anything from that era. But in fact they did. They learned that they could make money at it too. Look at the court system, the prison industry (not prison system, as some people would call it) and the people that police it. So, the fact is ... keeping drugs illegal employees millions of people, and provides "under the table" payments of millions more. Mean while the government keeps letting the greed of corporate America send good jobs overseas. I can't say that I can blame people for wanting to make a living selling drugs. I mean the Kennedys sure made a dollar or two smuggling liquor. Mandatory sentencing is un-constitutional in my opinion. I did not vote for President-elect Obama, but I know he has said that mandatory sentencing is wrong, I hope he does something about it. And if you remember, F.D.R. did away with prohibition to raise tax revenues (and to fill campaign promises) during the financial melt down of the 30's. But, I will say this ... your remark about a white kid from an affluent family smacks of racism. You should have said ANY affluent family, because as I said before, it's all about the money, if you've got it, you can get out of it! The fact that there are more affluent white families than black is a factor on why it seems like a race issue, but it is not. It's about money period! And with that being said, let me say this too, The people that get arrested are usually the bottom tiers. (Sometimes it might not seem that way given the numbers the police give out, but that's another subject) And the people on those lower tiers are from lower economical backgrounds. Why, because the real players are paying plenty to stay out of jail and out of the news papers! And back to you Guest123456 ... I guess you always go the speed limit? ... never say ... 9 miles over because you know you won't get pulled for that, because if you do ... guess what .. in your world ... your a criminal! ...


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