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Why is it that the black girl that got busted "Got what she deserved but, hte white girl just hung with the wrong crowd?" Some people dont understand the statements that they are making. Did anyone wonder wher all the name brand clothes came from, money, cars, most of all did anyone ask why? This happens everday with African Americans but when it happens to Whites its oh poor little girl its those blacks she was hanging out with. You would be surprised how many white collar whites ride through the hood to get drugs, or get high before the perform a operation, just start payin g attention. Do some research and see whos for fathers brought thes drugs into this country, or who played around with different chemicals to make X, or who even had the money for the equipment to grow and harvest the weed? Look at the Ivey Leage college kids that got busted a while back, they were all WHITE but it didnt stay in the news for long I wonder why??????


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