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Do NOT Pray!!!

Do not pray for the welfare of these people. Boy, I have never seen so many people want to have prayer for thugs and drug dealers. It blows my mind that you would even think to do such things. These people chose the life they are leading. They didn't just stumble into the quantity of drugs they had, which means they have been doing this for a while, the whole time, thinking they were smart enough not to get caught. They all think that and they all eventually get caught. If there is enough to make this a federal drug case, then they should because prison time means prison time. If they had sold ecstasy to your child and your child got into a car crash and died, or overdosed and died, would you asking for prayer for these thugs and saying they just made a mistake and went down the wrong path with the wrong people. What you should be praying for is that the district attorney, lawyers and the judge once involved, all make the criminal justice system do what it is supposed to do, and that is put away felons so they are not able to leech off society!!!!


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