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Already too many in jail

The problem is, as I have said before, we now have a prison industry in this country. It does not serve the common good to send non-violent criminals into this industry. And as long as drugs stay illegal in this country, there will be too much cash to be made for the trafficking to stop! Until it touches someone you love, people blindly led by the government like Guest123456 will continue to be self-righteous about the situation. Guest7969 says that drugs are destroying lives, which is true. But, wouldn't it be better if there was no black market for the dealers? I mean ... take crack for instance, it was dreamed up purely to make cocaine more profitable. If the money incentive wasn't there, it would have never come about. How about our children? Would they be a target of dealers if there wasn't any cash to be made from them? Could addicts get help they need if they didn't have to worry about going to jail? And what about the people going to jail, are their lives not destroyed too. But as it is, too many people on BOTH sides are making too much money. Even ultra-conservative William Buckley Jr advocated the legalization of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Heroin, that's just crazy you say? ... Not really, the fact is, 100% pure heroin is a benign drug, it is additive, (which is a very good reason not to start taking it) but it's not until (because of profit) it gets mixed with everything from drain cleaner to talcum powder that it becomes deadly. So wouldn't it be better if someone was addicted to heroin, they could get pure heroin? If I take an aspirin, I want it to be aspirin and not some white substance mixed with a little aspirin then sold to me to make a bigger profit. (sounds like China doesn't it) I bring this up for a reason. Look at the news of our city, people are dying at an alarming rate. They are not OD'ing from drugs, they are OD'ing from bullets, which is a by-product of the black market drug trade! Do I believe that drugs should be legalized ... maybe, I would say at least marijuana should be. It is de facto legal in the Netherlands, and the percentage of users there is the same as here. (With teenage use actually being lower) So I don't think it would make usage increase. The main thing I'm saying is this .... "Put them all in jail" ... is not working, except for some self-righteous rednecks ... racist ... and the people making money on it. At the very least, this country really needs to get a grip on the difference between violent and non-violent criminals, and punish them accordingly, but not together!


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