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to 3lw

Okay ... first X (MDMA) was made by the biggest of drug dealers ... A Pharmaceutical company (Merck). Second ... do your history? ... aren't you just quoting Furious Styles from "Boyz n the Hood"? It's "forefathers" by the way. Are two different people using the name 3lw ??? I mean in an earlier post you said "What's the difference between this and racial hatered that is fed into childrens minds by their parents" (exact quote, spelling and all) and now your the one spewing out the racial hatred. What's the deal .... and more importantly, why would you think this is a race issue? Keeping hitting your back key until you get to the bust a couple of weeks ago from Brunswick county. There's not much difference in the things being said. All the rednecks just want to put them in jail in both cases and act all superior, and people that know them are hoping for the best. But, what I'm saying to you is this .... If it's not racism .... but you say it is anyway .... that makes you the racist. I can understand your frustration, as there are some pretty igorant things being said, but this is not about race.


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