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I read the comments from those of you who "know" Katy and chastised everyone for being so hard on her. I knew her too. In fact I knew her a VERY long time, and she got exactly what was coming to her. Those of you who “know/knew” her are probably headed down the exact same path she is, and just haven’t gotten yours yet. She was not particularly nice, she was not particularly hard working, and everything she had in life was basically given to her. She came from a pretty well-to-do family and could have really made something of herself, but instead decided to get wrapped up in this crap. She's always made bad decisions. This wasn't her first one, so please don't argue that "one bad choice shouldn't determine the rest of someone's life." She made years of bad choices. I hope they throw the book at her. Maybe then she’ll get the time to figure out how to straighten her train wreck of a life. However, I must thank you Katy Williams. You have given your old classmates and Whiteville enough fodder to feed to gossip mills for the next several years.


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