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The Government

People, people, people. Don't you all get it. It's the governments fault for taking our rights away as parents to punish our children. You can't raise them like in the olden days where we used belts and switches. Now the social service takes them and allows the foster families to do that and get paid for it. So the children become angry for what has happened to them and commit crimes and go to jail. Then we blame the parents. Give us back our rights to disipline our own children.Children throw in our faces that if we hit them they will call the police. Well let them and let the police tell them that we are only helping them not to commit crimes. As for us supporting these criminals. I think instead of them sitting in jail they should be made to work off their crimes. A jail should be built with a big building attached so the criminals can learn to sew clothes to give to poor people, learn to work on cars and have the public have their cars fixed for free to give back to us for supporting them. Let them fix the holes in our roads. Hard labor for them would make us feel better.There are plenty of senoir citzens, disabled people and grandparents raising granchildren that can't do all the work they need to do in and around their homes. Make the crimminals do it. Don't you agree people? And the most important part is not to just let them out of jail with nothing to offer them cause it only leads to more crime for them to get back on there feet. They should not have a place to live to get out they should have a job also. And jobs shouldn't ask if the person's been in jail, cause some want to work to get their lives back and they can't cause they have crimminal backgrounds and can't get the job so they give up and go back to crime to support themselves and their families. Do you agree? That is what needs to be changed.


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