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"Pushover" is an understatement...

comments need to be succinct. you need to get a blog. see how we can all articulate what the world needs? what does your half-coherent tirade about the criminal justice system have to do with this article? seriously, livejournal, blogger, tumblr...any of those will work for you. also, a person with 11 firearms in their place of residence is not exactly in that category of non-violent drug offenders. they need to go to jail. and i am a supporter of individual liberty and legalization across the board, so please don't write another manifesto about it for me. i'm a sociology major, ashley was in one of my classes. all i ever got to know about her is that she had REALLY BAD BRAIDS in the beginning of the semester and she was disruptive and rude before class almost every day and then played on facebook the rest of the time. i don't know her enough to say what kind of person she is, but by the way she behaved, i was not at all surprised about this. But, she does have a family and friends, and i do feel sad about the fact that she made terrible choices for herself. judging from these comments it's clear that a lot of people love her, and i am sad for all of you, too. i sincerely hope she figures out where she went wrong and works to better herself. my heart goes out to her.


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