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When it comes to exchanging holiday gifts, there's a chance you may not like the gift you get. So what's the solution? Some say just re-wrap it and give it to someone else. When it comes to re-gifting, people’s opinions vary. Here is what some had to say… "Someone gave me a really beautiful crystal ice bucket, and it was really gorgeous, and about a year later I pulled it out to use it, and it had someone else's initials on it." -Janice Dickinson, Wilmington "What I did find offensive, someone re-gifted to me, and it had someone else's name on it that it was originally supposed to be for. So that was a little tacky." -Bonnie Roosa, Charlotte "Yes, I have re-gifted, and yes I have felt a little guilty about doing it, but really how many toasters can you use?" -Rita Reynolds, Washington, DC “I have never re-gifted, nor have I had a gift from someone else that was a re-gift, well that I know of." - Judi Logan, Atlanta "Yes, I have re-gifted. Mrs. Clause would not have it any other way. Ho, ho, ho. I have to give presents to my friends, family and the know Santa has family too." -Santa Clause, North Pole "I mainly give to my family, and we usually know what each other want. So I don't really get anything that I want to give to someone else." -Sandra Vogue, Wilmington Moral of this gifting tale? To most people, re-gifting is no longer considered tacky or rude. Just a word of advice, dust off the gift if it's been living in your closet for over a year and re-wrap it for goodness sakes.

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