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No, YOU are not lazy.

You are a single mom, and you have a job. I believe that social assistance SHOULD exist for those like yourself. You are trying to care for yourself and your child, and you are working towards that end. You are proof that a woman can hold a full time job (minimum of 40 hours per week) and still raise a child. Salaries in this area are notoriously low, and you should not be penalized for that. I have no problem whatsoever with tax dollars going to help you and those like you. You don't want a handout, you just need a little help. I suspect that if your circumstances changed and you found yourself making enough money to care for yourself and your child and save for the future, you would stop any social assistance that you could. THAT is what the system was originally intended to do. No, YOU are not lazy. You are the example that others should be following. Take the assistance if it is truly needed, stop receiving it if you don't. While I don't agree that someone receiving assistance should have to sell ALL of their belongings, I do think they should consider all things carefully. Does someone receiving food stamps and disability REALLY need to be driving a Cadillac Escalade? Absolutely not. Blessings to you and your child, Ma'am.


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