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I am most certainly NOT lazy

I am an 18 year old college student at UNCW. BOTH of my parents are in jail. I have straight A's in school. I am drug, alcohol, and nicotine free. I have a job and work on top of being in school. I need a cell phone to keep up with my job and internet connection to keep up in school. I receive student loans and am leasing an apartment with the only person that I can trust, my best friend who is also a student at UNCW. At the beginning of Fall semester, we both applied for food stamps because as a college student that is trying to pay bills and stay on top of student loans, it's sometimes tough to make ends meet. Although I have a job, it can be hard to pay for food. I do not party and I am a youth leader and the praise and worship leader at my church so I am not spending my money on things I don't NEED. I am not sexually active and don't do the party scene. I am NOT lazy and intend to stay on food stamps for as long as I NEED it. As soon as I don't need them, I will not apply for them to make room for someone else who might need them. I'm not looking for a hand-out. I just need some extra help. I don't have parents to ask for help from. I am proud to be an American, especially knowing that my government is willing to help people like me in times of need. Please understand that many people are like myself and need help, not just a hand-out. That's what the government designed the food stamp program for.


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