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Discrimiates?? What????????

Are you kidding? You are saying they discriminated against all the students that attend that school? So if they couldn't buy presents for all the students they shouldn't help the ones that needed it? What kind of backwoods uneducated logic is that? First, you need to find out the facts before you start yelling discrimination. Those kids were not all students at Murrayville. They were kids from across the county's elementary schools. They were submitted by counselors who were familiar with each child's particular situation. The Sheriff's Office then screened them and provided for many more children that they had originally planned for. The Sheriff's Office did not accept anyone outside of that process. They took limited resources and helped as many as they could. How can you yell discrimination? We should be applauding their efforts. If no one knows you need help, hello! you won't get any. You should tell your kids what the true meaning of giving is; tell them that those kids needed the help. Tell them that some of those kids don't even have a place to call home. You know why? CAUSE ITS TRUE.


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