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You can't tell me...

...that these insurance companies that collect monthly premiums with deductibles are hurting so bad that they need to raise the rates. I think it has more to do with profit margins than anything. A coma, nah, been working six and seven days a week. "replenish their reserves" is exactly right. I think the rates are going up to make up the difference from bad investments with people like Bernard Madoff, Fannie and Freddie, AIG and the likes. When I asked my insurance company why my auto insurance rate kept going up when I've never filed a claim or had any tickets, they said it was mandated by the state to keep rates affordable for everyone else. It's like I'm being punished so people can continue to build McMansions in places that are more susceptible to storms and fires and drive status symbol vehicles. My insurance agent didn't look like he was hurting too bad in his Armani suit and Rolex watch while getting out of his BMW that just came from Landfall.


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