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Let's pass the hat for REAL Americans~ Charity begins at HOME

My father died. Through Andrews it cost me $16 THOUSAND DOLLARS to send him back to CONNECTICUT~ Twenty three months later my mother joins Dad~ the cost the second time around: EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS. WHY? Because "Andrews" is NOT a "DIGNITY-CARE-PROVIDER". (The chain store of the funeral world). Question: If no one gives a rat's butt about sending my father, a veteran of TWO wars, back to be burried in his home plot, why would ANYONE give a ratt's butt about where to plant an illegal alien? And before you start~~ ya, the KIDS where born here but the parents are illegals. Illegals who snuck in, made kids, work illegally at jobs they aren't trained for and die. As an added bonus~~~ he sent money to MEXICO every week to help the family there. Before start crying all over my keyboard~ who's gonna give ME the EIGHT thousand I was over charged???


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