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heartless jerks

As I read these comments I can't help thinking what a bunch of heartless jerks live in NC. Has everyone forgotten that it is Christmas and this family just lost a loved one! All this talk about life insurance must be coming from people who have never had to struggle to put food on the table. My husband was a carpenter for years in Brunswick County. We never knew from one week to the next whether or not he would have a paycheck. If the building wasn't under roof and it rained all week guess what, no work no pay. If they finished a house and the foundation for the next one wasn't ready or inspected, no work no pay. $25 a month might not seem like much to you all but it can be the difference between buying electric and food for some folks. I know I've been there. Then there is the question of sending the body back to Mexico. If my son were killed in another country I would want to view the body to say goodbye and have some closure. Remember it will be the last time his parents, grandparents, siblings ect... get to see him. Not only has this woman lost her husband but she most likely lost the only income they had and is now faced with trying to cover the bills of everyday living. I commend the Lawyer for trying to help this suffering family. At least he has a heart. Maybe the sniveling ninny's out there should count their blessings then ask themselves What Would Jesus Do!!!


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