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I have a question, but understand, I am in no way saying this woman should get a lesser sentence, but my question is: why don't we see those arrested and convicted for DUI (alcohol) related accidents that cause a death, given such a long sentence.? Seem to be a double standard here. How many times have we seen on the news or in the paper of someone killing someone while drinking while impaired, but they either get off or get a very light sentence. There needs to be stricter laws against DUI, whether it is from drugs (illegal or prescription) or alcohol. The laws need to be consistent. And I know many don't agree, but if you drink and drive or use drugs and drive, under the influence, and you injure or kill someone,, you are as guilty of attempted murder or murder, as someone who would have picked up a gun and shot the person. An automobile is a deadly weapon in the hands of those under the influence of drugs, alcohol, inexperience, or just plain stupidity.


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