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sex ofenders

I believe both murderers and sex offenders should be tracked. Now to a degree there should be a difference the 18 year old dating the 15 year old. With consentual sex he or she should be repremanded then if he/she doesnt follow suit then branded. There is a reason why they are called minors. It is wrong for malicious parents to have a young unknowing youth locked up and branded for life. But at that age if it is decided unacceptable by the parent it should be acknowledged by that teenager female or male. A parents child may still pursue that individual but it is up to the person who is asked to no longer date or have sexual relations with this young individual to no longer consent. The maturity is not always there at that age for either party. When pregnancy results and parents are responsible for the caring of their children and their childrens new babies. Whos there to care rarely the parent of the other child to lend their full supporting hand. It is looked at whether it is true or not a form of seduction becuase at the older age you should have gained a little more knowledge of right and wrong. Lastly i dont know many 15 year olds or and even 18 year olds that truely understand sex and love together outside of laying down to feed a urge that feels good. Real understanding of the act comes later, thats why it was suggested to be carried out by married couples or committed relationships because sex carries more than a act alot of emotions and baggage from a persons psyche as well!!!


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