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What to do if you find a Sex Offender is your Neighbor

If I checked the registry and found a sex offender lived on my street, the first thing I would do is set out to learn everything I could about their crime. I would want to know the details. Questions I would be asking the authorities (go to your local law enforcement office for this information, if it's not on your registry): 1. Age of the person's victim? 2. How long ago did this occur? 3. Has he re-offended that anyone knows of? This neighbor that you say has kids and lots of kids in the neighborhood go over there, you might be surprised to find out what he was convicted of. With the implementation of the Adam Walsh Act, as well as Megan's Law and Jessica's Law, many people, who's crimes were committed 15 or more years ago, are now on the registry even though they weren't put there by their sentencing judge. Ex Post Facto doesn't apply to this type of offender. You'll be surprised to find out how many people on this registry committed their crime YEARS ago and have lived law abiding lives since. Yes, you should know, and yes, you should be vigilant, but most of all you should be INFORMED. A name on a registry doesn't tell you anything. You could be telling neighbors to keep their kids away from his kids for no reason. His crime may have had absolutely nothing to do with a child. At least KNOW that before you harm HIS children by taking their friends away from them.


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