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What to do

Justus has given you some very valuable information. Not much I can add except to say that I would (depending on what I found out about the man) wave and smile if I saw him outside and I would pray with my husband about him and plan a visit to his house. Maybe take some Christmas cookies. This lets him know that YOU know he is there, you will be cautious but still treat him as a human being. And for God's sake, if the man has a family with children, invite the children to your house to play. Perhaps you can make a plan so that your children can go over and play with his children when he is not at home if you don't feel comfortable any other way. The pain we are visiting on the children of for mer sex offenders is life altering for them. We should all be very ashamed of ourselves. When we say we love children and want to protect them and then shun the innocent we are living a lie.


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