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It's good to see the

It's good to see the thoughtful comments here. This is truly a group of people who aren't allowed to ever be free from their history. My neighbor could have beaten his former neighbor senseless with a baseball bat over a petty dispute, but I won't know that when I ask him not to run the leaf blower at 6:00 AM Saturday morning. When I send my daughter out on a date, I won't know that he beat up his last girlfriend. I won't know that my neighbor is bipolar and likes to shoot guns in the air when he gets manic. Frankly, I'm pretty worried about those guys! Why do former sex offenders get this treatment? Everything I have read shows really low recidivism rates for this type of offense even though everybody thinks it is really high. I just LOVE the Waldo reference. That's how I feel when I look at the registry. Which one of these guys is actually a danger? There's some good advice here (not in the article, though). If you're going to look at the registry, remember that not all those guys are dangerous. The offense names all sound really scary, but they aren't always. I know that in some states teen consensual sex is listed as sexual battery, sexual assault, and even rape. I think we could all get more informed about this issue and not just respond to the media hype.


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