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I am quite familiar with Tricare

Active duty members and their dependents pay no decuctible and no co-pay. 100% of their treatment and procedures are covered as long as it is an approved procedure. I fear that your experiences may be based upon one of the other categories of Tricare, those that impact retirees: Tricare (Basic), Tricare Prime, and Tricare Extra. They all have different levels of co-pay and deductibles. BTW, military pay is remarkably similar to any other occupation's pay, in that it starts out low and rises with seniority and longevity. Accordingly, the first three ranks don't have a high base pay. So you may think that PFC doesn't make much, but when you consider that he's living rent-free in a barracks, receiving an annual clothing allowance, and eating in the mess hall for free, 100% of his income is "disposable income." Now if the dope goes out and finds himself a boat anchor to start raising a family on PFC's pay, that's no one's fault but his own.... ...but even if he does that, the kids will all be born for free. My duaghter has had four, and they didn't cost her a dime.


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