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First off let me say that I agree tri-care is a great health plan I have had tricare as a dependant for almost 20 years and then as an active duty service member with a family for the last 8 years. I am closer to this case than most do to this marine two years ago attacking my now wife and trying to sexually assult her. It was reported to the MArines and nothinbg ever done about it. The DA has been notified and is investigating now with NCIS to find out more. As far as beeing a dependant menaing your going to get beat or end up dead is the most assinine thing I have ever heard. Beeing a soldier has nothing to do with it. Wife, children and even sometimes husbands are killed by thier spouses or family member no matter what occupation they are. It just becomes more of a News story when it is the military or some other type i.e. Law enforcement or such. Why is a soldier who kills his wife such a better story than the gas station attendant who does it. The media has been scewed to make a larger deal out of the same type story if a military member or such is envolved. So before you say "be a dependent of a Marine or Soldier and you become abused, or worse you die" understand that this type of crime commited by military members in general is substancially less common than in the civialian sector of the nation. It is just a better news story because it envolves a person in uniform.


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