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A few things..."that it takes to keep non WB residents safe." NON WB residents safe? I guess they don't respond to anything pertaining to WB residents... "Parking is the only way to pay for all the visitors from Wilmington who think this is their beach." UUUmmmm...ITS A PUBLIC BEACH...that means it IS OUR beach...not YOUR beach or MY beach. Tax dollars that YOU don't pony up get taken from residents of not only NHC, but the State of NC and the Federal Government to pay for your little precious strip of beach, Pay for the upkeep of that precious strip of STATE ROAD that runs to the south end, pays so that your precious little homes don't get swept up in the ocean thru renourishment projects. Tax dollars are also spent during hurricanes when the NC Guard get activated to take care of you. You guys WANT to be private but want money from people to do it. You just aren't rich enough to do what you want so you treat "non-residents" like we are from some other country, then become our buddies when it's convenient. I'll remember that the next time I get a call to help clean up after a hurricane. I'll remember that when I get calls to do contract work...I'll just bump you guys to the bottom of the list so your LAST. BTW..there ARE non WB residents that serve on your VOLUNTEER Fire far as EMT's...WB doesn't have an ambulance service...that is a NHC service.


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