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It's not the breed. It's the owners.

Pit Bulls have an unfounded bad reputation. Statistically speaking, you are more likey to be bitten by a Chow or a Doberman. It's unfortunate that you only hear about the Pit Bull incidents. The problem is that knuckleheads (ie...Michael Vick) abuse them and make them aggressive intentionally to serve their purposes. You said that 'Pit Bull attacks are way too high'. It's closer to the truth to say that the number of thugs allowed to own a Pit Bull are way too high. ANY DOG can be trained to bite people. Respectfully may I ask that you do not stereotype the breed. I have 2 Pit Bulls that are adoring of people,especially children. I like your idea of a permit to own a Pit Bull.I would tweak it to say that those convicted of any felonies and certain misdemeanors would have to have a permit. All others, no permit. Like owning a gun. On a brighter note, I am glad the deputies are ok.


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