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I know the feeling

Back in 1996 I got custody of my children from my exwife. It took me 5 months and a little over $40,000.00 yes $40,000.00 dollars. It was worth every penny. A lot of people assume the woman automatically gets the children just because she is a woman. That is why a woman can pick up the phone and call the police, claim she was beaten and the man gets locked up even if there is no evidence of a crime. I know it happened to me. I was very fortunate to be able to afford a good lawyer and private investigators to help prove my case. Not everyone is that lucky and the children suffer for it. I was also able to have my exwifes parental rights terminated in 1998 and in 2000 I had her and her brother convicted of felony child abuse with sexual acts and her husband at that time was convicted of child abuse for not reporting what she and her brother were doing to my children. The department of social services almost always tries to paint a bad picture of the man. One social worker told me I was just mad because my ex took the children and had a new man, even though school teachers had reported her for abuse and neglect and she had kept both children in a mobile home during 2 hurricanes. I'm glad some one has finally taken up for the parent who is trying to help their children and yes it will cost but what are your childrens lives worth. I got 2 priceless children back home and safe for only $40,000.00 and that is a bargin any day of the week.


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