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This is way to commen

I'm a father that practicly raised his daughter while my ex was "finding herself." Then when I started a new job and found myself a new girlfriend I also found myself being accused of molesting my daughter. This was 2003, because of this I lost nearly all of my visitation rights. Then in 2005 I was accused again and this time I demanded a polygraph test to show my innocents. I past this test with no doubt, but because she had an attorney we went to court and before the test she got me to have supervised visits. The 2 times she did this she was given an attorney from the county but I was unable to afford one since I was already being hit with child support that was making me live practicaly in poverty. The system is set up to help the "victim" but when the truth comes out that they aren't "victim's" it cost those that were hit once with the system to much to be able to fight. Lawyers are the ones to blame for this. If there wasn't lawyers we wouldn't need lawyers. Pam is a great friend and she has assisted me with so many of the issues I'm dealing with. I pray Alliance for Single Parents helps as many out there that need it and the cost is just a fraction of what you will pay for an attorney or for not having an attorney. This is an epidemic that has to be stopped!


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