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Abuse of the family court system

My husband and I know too well the problems with the system, from false allegations, to bad mouthing him to his children thus destroying his relationship with them; to the high costs to try to fight it. We tried fighting it for over 10 years but because the courts refused to penalize the mother for her constant contempt of court orders, there was nothing left for us to do. The children had been brainwashed into a cult of hatred toward their father and his extended family. But I believe that if the courts would look at the 167 Red Flags I developed in coordination with many victims of this hostile and aggressive divorces, that they would have a tool to prevent this from happening. With enough red flags ticked off on the list, they would know when a parent was headed down the wrong path for their kids sake. In addition, the courts need to start penalize parents who violate court orders. Presently, if the parent has custody of the children, they are never penalized. But if it were the non-custodial parent committing any of these violations, they would be thrown in jail. This is complete disrespect and discrimination when it comes to custody and parenting. On my website, I have a list of penalties to include in a divorce to help ensure that if a parent tries to impede, that the courts have solid remedies to enact. Time is of the essence to stop this type of abuse, where one parent deliberately tries to destroy the relationship with the children and the other parent. The children are not strong enough emotionally and mentally mature enough to handle it and know right from wrong. No matter their age, they are never old enough in one of these type abuse situations to make a proper decision as to what is best for them. Think Jones town or Branch Davidian cults. These were adults who were programmed to believe that what they were doing was right and the only way to do it. Why should it be any different for a youth who is being programmed and brainwashed to hate the other parent? I have so much more to say on this subject, but you will probably find it easier to just read my articles that can be found on my website at


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